Ikon Gallery

Ikon is an internationally acclaimed art gallery situated in central Birmingham.

Housed in a magnificent neo-gothic school building, it is an educational charity and works to encourage public engagement with contemporary art through exhibiting new work in a context of debate and participation. It offers free entry to all. The gallery programme features artists from around the world. A variety of media is represented, including sound, film, mixed media, photography, painting, sculpture and installation.

Ikon’s off-site programme develops dynamic relationships between art, artists and audiences outside the gallery. Projects vary enormously in scale, duration and location, challenging expectations of where art can be seen and by whom.

Education is at the heart of Ikon’s activities, stimulating public interest in and understanding of contemporary visual art. Through a variety of talks, tours, workshops and seminars, our Learning team aims to build a meaningful relationship with Ikon’s audience that enables visitors to engage with, discuss and reflect on contemporary art.

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Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust

The Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust was created as a Trust by foundation document on the 28 October, 1992, some four years before Austrian-born painter Marie-Louise died.

The Trust received charitable status on the 21 November, 1996.

The Trust was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee with charitable status in 2011. The creation of the Trust was the vision of Marie-Louise to provide a vehicle after her death for the preservation and promotion of her work, and the charitable support of the arts and other objects as stated below. Two of the original Trustees, David Scrase and Sean Rainbird are still serving as Trustees.

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HMP Grendon

Grendon is the only prison that operates entirely as a series of therapeutic communities, working with men who have committed serious offences.

HMP Grendon is in Buckinghamshire. It is a category B/C prison housing 238 prisoners. It's Governor is Dr Jamie Bennett.

Democratic Therapeutic Communities (which are also provided at HMPs Dovegate, Gartree, Send and Warren Hill) provide group based therapy within a social climate which promotes positive relationships, personal responsibility and social participation. Therapeutic Communities address a range of offender needs including interpersonal relationships, emotional regulation, self-management and psychological wellbeing.

HMP Grendon provides group therapy and structured community living where members are encouraged to have shared responsibility for day to day decision-making and problem solving. TC intervention centres on addressing the risk factors and offending behaviour needs that inevitably emerge in this environment.

Key features of TCs include:
- Daily group or community meetings
- The use of community activities to promote skill development and generalisation, e.g. work assignments, delegated responsibilities, organising events, involvement in prisoner/staff committees
- Staff supporting the community in democratic decision-making and providing pro social role models
- Staff and prisoners challenging and giving feedback about behaviour that is anti-social or linked to offending behaviour patterns.

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