In Place of Hate - Exhibition Catalogue

April 25 2018

In Place of Hate - Exhibition Catalogue

This catalogue accompanied artist Edmund Clark’s exhibition In Place of Hate at Ikon Gallery. Clark was Ikon’s artist in residence at Europe’s only entirely therapeutic prison, HMP Grendon, in Buckinghamshire. This exhibition is the culmination of his residency, combining photography, video and installation to explore ideas of visibility, representation, trauma and self-image and address how prisoners and the criminal justice system are perceived and discussed by the public, politicians and media in Britain today.

The catalogue contains essays by Jamie Bennett (Governor of HMP Grendon), Liz McLure (previous psychotherapist at HMP Grendon), Noel Smith (ex-Grendon resident) and Jonathan Watkins (Director of Ikon Gallery) which cover rehabilitative approaches and therapeutic work within the criminal justice system, the impact and experiences of Clark’s residency, and interpretation of Clark’s exhibition through the themes of identity and visibility.

The catalogue also contains images and written details of each of the works within the exhibition.

The catalogue is available for purchase on the Ikon Gallery website.

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