Edmund Clark’s immersive study of prison life goes on show at the Ikon Gallery

December 10 2017

Donatella Montrone writes in her article in the British Journal of Photography: "As an artist-in-residence for three years, the self-taught photographer immersed himself in prison life, working closely with inmates, wardens and therapeutic staff to create In Place of Hate, a multi-faceted series that,...

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In Place of Hate: Edmund Clark’s new work from Grendon prison

December 5 2017

From the introduction of In Place of Hate: Edmund Clark’s new work from Grendon prison by Miranda Green, published in FT Weekend Magazine: "The award-winning artist has spent years working on projects about incarceration and control but, as Grendon’s artist-in-residence, he spent an intense two...

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HMP Grendon at Koestler Awards 2017

September 11 2017

39 of the many artworks or written pieces submitted by inmates of HMP Grendon for the Koestler Trust annual arts award have received awards or commendations, increasing the number by 14 compared to the 2016 awards. This includes 2 First-time Entrant Awards, 21 commendations, 9 Bronze Awards, 2 Silver...

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September 4 2017

Artist Edmund Clark in conversation with Director of Ikon Gallery, Jonathan Watkins. Jonathan Watkins: Could you describe how you relate to the men at Grendon, in particular through the regular meetings you have with them to discuss their own art work? Edmund Clark: During evenings I work with...

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Honesty in Art

August 14 2017

Author Rachel Billington visited Edmund Clark and inmates of HMP Grendon: Honesty in art Some people don’t see the point of Art with a capital ‘A’ or even with a small ‘a’ . How unlucky for them! This month I’m reporting on two art projects, one very well known throughout the prisons,...

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Edmund Clark nominated for the Butler Trust Award

July 31 2017

Edmund Clark, artist-in-residence at HMP Grendon, has been nominated for the annual Butler Trust Award. The Trust, set up to recognise and celebrate outstanding practice by those working with offenders, received nominations equalling last year’s record high number. A significantly high proportion of...

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